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Half way

half way towards the end you started Putting in this crap beat that just made it seems ridiculos.


Like most artist your ambient song does not differ from others it is just more boring. If you would put somthing really cool in the middle than someone may remember this ambient song more than others. But you did good setting up a solid beat. more originality will get a higher score.

caffeinerush responds:

Thanks for the review. I agree completely, this track is basically set up so I can layer on another element/replace the distorted piano.

It was O.K in a way

this is a good song but you had some issues in the begining middle and towards the end. In the begining it sounds like your drums are guessing were the beat is and in the middle you keep on stopping the song to switch beats (also at the end). instead of just switching beats slowly go into it. your guitar solo at the end was very random but expected.

More of

i wish you stayed with the beat instead of screwing it up. Very good rythem though. Since half the song was good i give you a 5/10

uten responds:

the point was to screw up the song cus the singer soiled himsef

Best Song

This is probally one of the best songs you have made. potrayed techno ok but more miscellaneous than techno i think. but you are doing well. cause you actualy have a beat

eh alright

It was ok just seems like another raper nothing special.

How long?

it was ok but i think it either should be split or it should be shorter but you potrayed the generes ok

rap eh?

This seems like what rap has truely come to

jrayteam6 responds:

Damn, everone is dogging me about the rapping, this one and double elf homicide were like the first things we did. If you want to hear some serious well, effort actually put fourth rhyming and rapping, listen to my track Paint Thinner Saint. It was me and three other people, including, yes, the infamous K8Riot the chick that sings for us. - Its a fast as shit rap track about huffing paint thinner that no one listens to for some reason.

New Style

im sure your not to unformal with classical but you made it work very well for this style. Punk and classical are opposites its cool you actually did that

Evil-Dog responds:

it's important to explore other kinds of music....I love game/movie music...

Very good

that was a very good song i think it is one of the best in a while

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