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Rock This Town

theres a song called rock this town tonight sounds like a cool spin on it. not exactly like it but very similar very cool man.

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The Spectrum

Hey i listend to it i thought i only heard three or so changes im so lost on which ones which. probably got lost at sinister. but anyways. can you give us the times that you change the mood to make it more active hearing? that way no one will confuse Happy with Fab.

MaestroRage responds:

I probably should have put the time brackets in the review. Can't change it now sadly due to constraints.

0:00 - 0:10 (This is the newgrounds populace, people logging into the portals!)
0:11 - 0:42 (Admin/Mod Aura)
0:43 - 1:27 (Neutral Aura)
1:27 - 2:04 (Dark Aura)
2:04 - 2:55 (Red Aura)
2:55 - 3:26 (Blue Aura)
3:27 - 4:13 (Fab Aura)

Hope that helped! Thank you for the review, i'm glad you liked it!

This Song actualy makes me feel worse

dude this just sounds like you are experimenting with sounds. i dont hear a (defined) rythym or anything. and the bass in the begening makes it sound really crappy because you split it. You need alot of more work. (sorry for the crap review for this crap song its the worse ive ever givin)

JakesFable responds:

Well this is all I'll say to you then.

A story

it kinda sounds like you added a story really cool man.

More originality

if you had added more originality than it would have been better but i think if you cut off the end part it would be a great loop.

DJ-Roulette responds:

you know people are saying its not Original, but i thought it was i neve heard any thing like it, but then again i realy dont lissen to hip hop

Crash or Solo

if you added a crash or solo in middle it would have been perfect.

vwvSTATICvwv responds:

good point. ill work on that and update it soon 8)

a visual

i wish i just had some sort of visual with it instead of a weird beat. But the best visual i got is a jail theme i guess.

Great end and begining

you began and ended this great song perfect and your middle was melo. Great job

Never Again

maybe if it was longer i would have liked it but for your loop it is hard to hear a defined rythym and its so short that you cant really enjoy your loop. I know how hard it is to make a great loop, My loop i made has a great tone i guess. even though in my loop you can hear every instrument it has a defined beat you should listen to it.


Nice and easy to hear kinda like elevator music on steriods

The Loop King?

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